The De'Pannone website!

You have made it to the De'Pannone family website - now hosted on my very own server!!! From this page you can go to a number of different parts of the website.


Click the button below to be taken to our new webmail interface. Fastmail now hosts our email.

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Runs on a local install of OpenPhoto. Looks great and is easy to use, if you don't have a login you will NOT be able to view all the pics so contact Martin by email to get the power.

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Martin's Blog

If you want you can read Martins inane dribble. He is the main person who reads it, not sure if anyone else does and to be frank, he doesn't care.

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RSS feed reader

If I find a website I like then I subscribe to its RSS feed, then, the web comes to me. I'm lazy. tt-rss is an RSS feed reader that I have installed. Want to use it too? Email Martin and he'll create you an account.

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